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CELA is committed to assembling and developing innovation ecosystems emerging all over the world!  Here are a few of the things we’ve got coming up to bring the innovation industry together:

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The First-Ever Accelerator Summit Continues!

From enabling today's most recognizable startups at their earliest stages, to scaling innovation in the world's largest corporations – accelerators are the future of work, education, and opportunity in the new economy. At cela Summit, you meet the leaders, investors, and architects of the world's best accelerator programs – and find everything you need to play a part!

Click here for the livestream video of last year’s event.

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Why cela Summit?

From Digital Ocean to Dropbox, from SendGrid to Airbnb: accelerator programs have put some of our generation’s most influential brands on the map. And accelerators are radically changing the way we experience work, technology, entrepreneurship, and education.

But what does that mean for you and your latest enterprise? Join us for the first-ever accelerator conference. Discover the newest trends, tools and strategies driving people with great ideas across all industries. Discuss with leaders from the top accelerators of the world and become part of a brand new community!


Is cela SUMMIT for me?

Who should attend?


Program Operators

Are you a Managing Director, Platform professional, Program Managers, Curriculum Developers? We’re calling you!


Influence industry definitions and agreements on all aspects of our business.

Gain insight into best practices, what’s newest with other groups in the space, and connect with potential sponsors, partners, startups, and mentors for your program!

Institutional Innovators

Are you building innovation at corporations, governments, universities, or non-profits!


Find out how the best programs in the world are providing platforms for startup success — so that you can do it for you to deliver innovation success at your corporation, government, university, or non-profit!


Program Supporters

Do you want to mentor, coach, sponsor, or attend an accelerator?


Get immediate access to programs active from all over the world, and learn how to best participate with innovation programs everywhere!

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Our Speaker Community

See some past and present speakers for the summit!



Summit in the Sky


SAP Next-Gen Leonardo Center

cela Summit is taking place at 10 Hudson Yards, part of the largest private real estate development in U.S. history. Situated on the 48th floor, you will not only gain a unique and brand new perspective on New York and the world around you, you will also enjoy the treats of our venue partner, SAP Next-Gen.

Growing a generation of revolutionary software businesses in the SAP ecosystem, SAP Next-Gen is nurturing innovators inside and outside of its organization to build products, find customers and change industries. Enjoy a light-flooded space with great people, content, music, and many more treats!

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Advisory Board




Support gets support

Our sponsor community includes:


Make the most out of the cela Summit with a Summit Tour powered by NUMA. 
Explore the New York tech ecosystem in-depth and take home the most comprehensive 
overview of the latest innovation trends.


Explore key trends that will dramatically
 transform the future of your business and
acquire knowledge and new skills on
specific topics through custom built 

Meet with experts relevant to your industry & key innovating startups to get inspired by their experiences.

Meet with experts relevant
 to your industry & key 
innovating startups to get
inspired by their experiences.


Visit innovative locations in New York 
and get feedback from successful 
entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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Accelerating Access

Leading up to the cela Summit, we are co-hosting numerous events in the accelerator community in New York City. Join us and become part of it!